New Pictures of my iGROW Flower Bud – Just About 3 Weeks

I have been taking a few pictures of my new grow and the flower bud and just amazing the crystal density.  Every grow I have done seems to get better and better and I think that it has to do with my veg starts.  My plants are now getting to my flower room from clone and seed start all using iGROW lights and know that these happier healthier Bloom bud are because of it.

Enjoy and hope to hear from you guys.

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It is Summer Time – iGROW Induction GROW Lights – My Heat Saving Friend

When using grow lights throughout the years summer time was always a problem.  The main problem was trying to deal with the heat and humidity.  I would do such crazy things to save energy and be able to keep using my grow lights during the summer days of the Midwest.  I would have so much time not only in working my room but in stressing about if the air conditioning was going to stop working or not keeping up.

I can not preach enough about how iGROW induction lights just have so little heat and gives me the ability to do so much more with my room to increase yields and quality.  Yes it took me a few months but now that i am dialed in and my veg plants are huge and i may have smaller flower sites but many more it all equals out, especially when quality is in the equation.

Most of All:  This is probably the first time in a long time I am not shutting down for the summer and it is not just from the heat, but the electric bills and higher risk of loosing the crop from having HPS grow lights.

Enjoy your Spring and Summer months and I will keep growing, and please feel free to reach out to me and join the blog, looking for other iGROW light users to keep the progress of this light going.

Beautiful Day to Harvest My Latest Grow – iGROW Induction Lights Bloom Crop

It was so nice out that i decided to go outside and harvest my crop.  Been very exciting to get done with another round using my iGROW induction lights and I am very pleased to let everyone know that my yields are now 100% or more of my previous grows with 1000 watt HPS.  It has taken me a few crops to really dial in on my room environment and feeding schedules but I am there and ready to get to the next level.

If quality is king then I am getting up there in the grower rep world these days.  From smell to taste to potency my bud is better than most growers.  The iGROW lights have defiently given me that advantage, I have no doubt of this.

Well enjoy the new pictures, It was a beautiful day and could not be in a better mood than getting a tan while trimming.

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Introduction to Pete

Everyone i would like to introduce you to our new independent grower Pete.  He is a medical grower in Michigan and has been very nice to share some of his pictures from his first grow and even a brief commentary about his first experiences with iGROW induction lights.  Thank you so much Pete and look forward to more and more great pics and grow trial data.

” Stevey thank for letting me post some pictures on your blog.  Been super happy with my first grow using the igrow lights and appreciate the back and forth with your help on some easy questions i had at the beginning.  What I was most impressed with is the under growth of the plant and overall quality.  Everyone i show says that this light is just kick ass!  I was only a few grams less in my side by side vs my 1000 watt hps and the quality in color, stickiness and of course flavor was far superior to my HPS.  Look forward to my new grow which i just got 4 more igrow bloom lights and a under light, will keep sending updates. pretty cool site.”

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“What blew me away was this picture where the top bud is from the igrow plant and the bottom bud was from the hps plant.  These buds were taken from the bottom of the canopy and really shocked me because i was so concerned about penetration, well it proved me way wrong”

3 Weeks into new Flower Cycle and Kickin ASS!!

i just wanted to show some pictures from my new flower cycle,  just a few weeks in and the buds are just amazing, the tris are rediculas and i am really dialing in my growing methods with iGROW lights.  Taking some good jounals this grow and will be posting them soon.  Also lots of new growers joining soon.  Enjoy!

peace out


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Finally an Energy Efficient Grow Light