I Would Like To Introduce Myself & My Blog To The World

Hi everyone and I want to thank you for checking out my new blog site.  My name is Donald Mavis and I have a state licensed medical marijuana facility in the great Pacific NW.  Over the past year I have worked very hard to find the best technologies and build an efficient grow operation.  I spent the majority of the year testing every new grow media, hydro system and most importantly lighting.

After all my testing and data collection I have finally chosen what I believe to be the best and most cost effective system.  The one technology that stood out to me was iGROW induction lighting.  This light and the company that makes it is just amazing.  I was as big of a sceptic as I am sure everyone out there who has grown the old tried and true 1000 watt HPS light way is, but once I starting to take the time and learn about this light and be open to changing some of my old dog tricks this light changed everything for me.

I now have a system that is easily managed in all aspects of my grow operation such as Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and Lighting Controls.  I am able to use a computerized monitoring s  to access and program these data points and always stay on top of giving my crops the perfect environment.

A year ago I built my facility and had a room built for 3 different light technologies and monitored each room separately.  The first room was done the way I learned how to grow, 1000 watt HPS lights.  The second room I tried the Gavita 1200 watt light.  The third room I tried iGROW Induction Lighting.

I now that this was a big project and the possibility of losing substantial money by taking one of the rooms and trying to make it work with a lower power and lower heat light, but I knew deep down that if I was going to get into this business and didn’t have the money that some of the big guys out there have I was going to have to be smarter than them and have a lower cost of operation.

After 4 growth cycles with each room and some help from iGrow I was able to find a method to use an energy efficient light to grow my crop and be profitable, something I thought would never happen.  I built a great relationship with their company and I am taking over for the last guy who attempted to run a blog about iGrow, Stevey G.  I actually spoke with him and he was a nice guy who really did try to keep up on this blog and put out some quality information that I even checked out before I purchased my first test lights from them.

The one thing I saw was that there was not that much information about growing marijuana with iGrow and that is a shame.  I know that they have sold a ton of lights in Colorado and the word is spreading quickly how well they actually work and how grow operations can use a light different than HPS to make money.

So now that I am not at my office job, which I had for 28 years, I have time to do something really special and teach people how I figured it out and at the same time update my grow operation data and new methods I am using with iGrow induction lighting.  Ari from iGrow is probably the smartest guy out there when it comes to lighting but he is missing one thing to help his company in this market and that is he is not a marijuana grower.

For all the hard work that iGrow did to help me I hope I can return the favor in allowing my followers to have access into a legal marijuana grow operation that does not use 1000 watt HPS lights and runs smart and sustainable.

Thank You for Reading

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