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It is Summer Time – iGROW Induction GROW Lights – My Heat Saving Friend

When using grow lights throughout the years summer time was always a problem.  The main problem was trying to deal with the heat and humidity.  I would do such crazy things to save energy and be able to keep using my grow lights during the summer days of the Midwest.  I would have so much time not only in working my room but in stressing about if the air conditioning was going to stop working or not keeping up.

I can not preach enough about how iGROW induction lights just have so little heat and gives me the ability to do so much more with my room to increase yields and quality.  Yes it took me a few months but now that i am dialed in and my veg plants are huge and i may have smaller flower sites but many more it all equals out, especially when quality is in the equation.

Most of All:  This is probably the first time in a long time I am not shutting down for the summer and it is not just from the heat, but the electric bills and higher risk of loosing the crop from having HPS grow lights.

Enjoy your Spring and Summer months and I will keep growing, and please feel free to reach out to me and join the blog, looking for other iGROW light users to keep the progress of this light going.

Introduction to Pete

Everyone i would like to introduce you to our new independent grower Pete.  He is a medical grower in Michigan and has been very nice to share some of his pictures from his first grow and even a brief commentary about his first experiences with iGROW induction lights.  Thank you so much Pete and look forward to more and more great pics and grow trial data.

” Stevey thank for letting me post some pictures on your blog.  Been super happy with my first grow using the igrow lights and appreciate the back and forth with your help on some easy questions i had at the beginning.  What I was most impressed with is the under growth of the plant and overall quality.  Everyone i show says that this light is just kick ass!  I was only a few grams less in my side by side vs my 1000 watt hps and the quality in color, stickiness and of course flavor was far superior to my HPS.  Look forward to my new grow which i just got 4 more igrow bloom lights and a under light, will keep sending updates. pretty cool site.”

20-DSCN0241 21-DSCN0242 22-DSCN0243 23-DSCN0244 24-DSCN0245 31-DSCN025244-DSCN0266









“What blew me away was this picture where the top bud is from the igrow plant and the bottom bud was from the hps plant.  These buds were taken from the bottom of the canopy and really shocked me because i was so concerned about penetration, well it proved me way wrong”

3 Weeks into new Flower Cycle and Kickin ASS!!

i just wanted to show some pictures from my new flower cycle,  just a few weeks in and the buds are just amazing, the tris are rediculas and i am really dialing in my growing methods with iGROW lights.  Taking some good jounals this grow and will be posting them soon.  Also lots of new growers joining soon.  Enjoy!

peace out


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What Does YIELD Really Mean?

I decided to write this blog post about the magic word YIELD and try to put my spin on the subject. Over the past few months that I have been working on this blog I have consistently received questions about my yield and how it compared with my 1000watt HPS grows. After sending many emails back with my thoughts it appeared to me that this is a more complicated question that I have originally thought.

I am not sure when marijuana growers became so competitive.  I am actually happy that we are a bunch of egomaniacs because the type of genetics and strains that we have come up with are incredible.  So, I thought of a great analogy and would love to share that with everyone:

Farmers and growers have always been super competitive, I am sure that this has been for thousands of years and hundreds here in the great United States of America.  How many local fairgrounds have had competitions for the largest pumpkin?  There is always someone who is trying a new nutrient, soil, strain, etc. to have a pumpkin at the fair that breaks a record or that all the kids want to take a picture with.


pum pumpkin


Freaky large fruit and most of all there was a winner, someone who was awarded for their dedication and patients to grow such a huge fruit from a plant.



So why does this analogy compare with cannabis growers?  I think every grower wants to have amazing yields and more bud to share;) brag about, say things like ” I grow 2 finger ounces” but the one thing i know is that Quality is King.  Those pumpkins maybe super huge but they are pretty scary looking and it does not mean they taste good.  If you know a little bit about fruits and vegetables most of them with the highest flavor and taste are not the largest ones and usually fetch the highest price.  Actually the fruits and vegetables with the highest price are the ones that taste the best and deliver satisfaction to the consumer.

I would like to share a picture for everyone of my first grow trial that I did.  What I would like to point out to you is that I have been able to take my growing methods and quality of harvest to a whole new level.  iGROW has given me the tool to develop new techniques to increase quality while not majorly effecting my yields and now that I am so dialed in with this light my yield are now getting up there with what I use to do with HPS.

hps sb bud side by side sb


If you look at the bud and plants I used to grow they seem nice and healthy and produced high quality not super yields.



35-IMG_20130408_150212_459 DSCN0026This is a picture of a bud and my plants at the same time as the above picture.  What you will notice is that my bud is just so much nicer and with more quality.  Even my plants are healthier and using my iGROW lights I have learned to be that top notch grower who people want to know.

33 30-IMG_20130408_151924_679The first picture is from my vegetative trials using T5HO lights, which I thought were the best. The second picture is of my vegetative grows now using iGROW.  Just having such a healthier plant from clone or seed to flower has increased my yields and remember – QUALITY!

For me to pull all my thoughts together I would like to end with one of my SteveyG stores:

For 3 years I have had this one strain that everyone seems to love and I am always sharing that by request first.  I took that strain from clone – to – veg – to – flower – to – using the up-light with iGROW  and that strain turned hot pink.  I am not even done yet but I showed a few friends of mine that told me they want me to share that with them first.

17-IMG_20130408_150116_188 21-IMG_20130408_150334_393 22-IMG_20130408_150637_079It is pretty awesome that a light can do this to a plant, but it does make sense. All the colors of the sun allow the plant to be able to produce its natural essential oils, color and most of all flavors.

Well the funny part of the story is why my friends want this pink strain, they both said that they wanted to give it as a gift for their significant other.  We were laughing a lot when we talked about how guys want thick dense hard nugs – but woman like purple, pink and lots of flavor.

iGROW has allowed me to become not only a better grower all around but after now working with it for the last 6 months the ability to dial in all my growing methods to produce good yield and superior quality, which has proven by the amount I share with people and the bardering they do with me to be more rewarding.

I may not win the award for biggest pumkin – But I do win the most colorful, tasting one!

peace out